wissam mansour

Dr. Wissam Mansour

CEO, Founder

Dr. Wissam is an architect and OCCLUDE’s founder. He has practiced and taught architecture since 1998 in London and in Lebanon. His main areas of expertise are Architectural and Urban Design, Urban Ecology and Sociology, and Cultural Studies. His current research rethinks urban experience and its transformations by social and material flows, as well as the politics and the structures of such transformations, including those relevant to occupation nuances, mobility and spatial resistance.

Zeina Ajami

Zeina Ajami


Zeina is OCCLUDE’s co-founder and a versatile software engineer. Her expertise are in the areas of enterprise level solutions, document management systems, database systems, and web applications architecture. Her research interests include environmental control development, interactive physics-based simulation, scalable software architecture, and distributed systems.

Consultants and Collaborators

Nina Papazoglou

Dr. Nina Papazoglou

Historian, Cultural Researcher

Dr. Nina is a Cultural Historian trained in International politics, Interdisciplinary Research Methods in the Humanities, and in contemporary cultural aesthetics. Her research is centered on the non-autonomous character of contemporary artistic values, and the way these inform economic and cultural capital and art history.

Mounfi Loutfi

Mounif Loutfi

Architect, Project Manager

Monif is an architect and a project management specialist. His main expertise are in the design, tendering and execution management of medium and large projects including infrastructural, research and construction projects.

Maya Karkour

Maya Karkour

Eco Consultant, Green Mentor

Maya is the Managing Director of EcoConsulting which she co-founded in the UK in 2003, and established in Lebanon in 2008. EcoConsulting offers inter-related sustainability services to the construction sector, including: LEED and BREEAM certifications, energy-efficiency advice, dynamic thermal modeling, eco-building guidance. Maya is currently the President of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association, in charge of developing and implementing its Environmental Education programs, working with the Ministry of Education and public schools. She is also a main local mentor for the SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship program, and a fellow of the Aspen Middle East Leadership Initiative.

Gina Saleh

Gina Saleh


Gina is an architect and a cultural heritage advocate. Her research interest is in mnemonic architecture, phenomenological spatial experience in museum architecture. She is an activist in Lil- Madina Initiative which is an NGO that tackles issues in urbanism.

Dimitrios Biliouris

Dr. Dimitrios Biliouris

Bio-Science Engineering, and Earth Observation

Dr. Dimitrios is an expert in bio-science engineering and remote sensing. Among the applications of his earth observation expertise are coastal archaeological sites management, waste observation services, and land cover information applications.

Dania Haffar

Dania Haffar


Dania Haffar is an architect, a graduate in advanced studies in Housing-ETH Zürich, and an independent researcher. Her research interests focus on refugee studies, displacement and vulnerability with a focus on the right to fair and emergency housing. She recently co-authored “Transition and Transformation in Housing and Habitats in India” in collaboration with the Hunnarshala foundation.

Hassan Kobeissy

Hassan Talal Kobeissy


Hassan is an architect and a specialist in three dimensional spatial representation and architectural documentation.

Chrisavgi Tsovili

Chrisavgi Tsovili

Photographer, Artist

Chrisavgi is a photographer, illustration and video artist. Her visual art is a palimpsest of imaginary and real constructions which she captures and transforms to create experiential ensembles, surreal landscapes and audio-visual intensities.

Jessica White

Jessica White


Jessica white is a writer and a researcher based in Brisbane, Australia.

Colin Mcfarlane

Dr. Colin Mcfarlane

Urban Geography Professor

Colin is a professor of Urban Geography at Durham University, UK. His work aims to understand urban experience and politics across a variety of contexts, particularly in relation to urban density, infrastructure and inequalities.

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