Emergence and Nemesis in Africa’s developing Green Economy.

It was in Burkina Faso that a revolutionary man thought in 1895 that “it is not normal to have a 90% farming population which is not self sufficient.” Africa’s history of development represents a series of exceptional challenges that may have found at last a break. Today, Thomas Sankara’s vision of political and economic integrity is finding resonance in Africa’s developing Switch to green economy.

The Switch Africa Green forum 2-3 Oct 2018 brought together innovative solutions that accelerate Africa’s transition through sustainable production and consumption practices towards inclusive green circular economy. The Switch Africa program is part of other programs –SwitchMed, SwitchAsia– that support drivers to inclusive economic development. These programs fall under the Switch to Green EU flagship initiative that coordinates existing and future EU-funded international cooperation initiatives on green economy.

Some of the African success stories include plastic waste collection becoming waste management system, green tourism projects, organic agriculture and other agriculture, energy, and waste management related digital mobile application services which all poke towards growing interest in green circular economies, and sustainable future. Yet, What are the challenges to this future?

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